Life is better together.

At The Grove, we believe that life wasn’t meant to be done alone and that's what we believe our growth groups are all about. We believe that relationships develop and lives are changed as we gather together, connect with each other, and grow with one another.  

We know that it can be challenging to get connected. 

We also know that groups are not "one size fits all." That's why we have many opportnuites for anyone. We have guys meeting for coffee before work or after work.  We have ladies meeting weekly sharing life together. We have families meeting in homes in the middle of the week, eating food, and sharing their wins, weaknesses, and things they need to work on. There is something available for everyone.  

What do our growth groups do?

Each group is unique and the activities are as diverse as the groups. Our groups simply meet, do life together, and discover how we can develop our lives, our relationships, our faith and be real, open, and honest.

What if none of these work for you?

If there's not a group that fits your schedule or meets your interest, we encourage you to create one. Just contact us and we'll help you! It's simple. We'll talk through what you can do and what resources are available for you to get you going!

Get in. Engage with others. Grow together.



adults in merritt island - david and Michelle Wright

Meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 PM, David and Michelle are wanting to create an opportunity for adults to connect—to be able to gather together, share how their week is going, and work through the weekend message or a relevant , relatable, life applicable book learning about the Bible and how it applies to every aspect of our lives. If interested or for more details, click here.


families in titusville - lance and gabby hill

Lance and Gabby Hill meet every Wednesday night at 5:30 PM. They know what it’s like to walk through the constant of balancing life with family, schedules, and wanting to connect with other families with kids who are doing through the same experience and grow through time together and going over the weekend’s message. If interested or for more details, click here.

families in titusville - Erik and Jennifer nason

Erik and Jennifer Nason meet every Thursday night at 7:00 PM. They get being in a busy family, with busy schedules and activities, but also living intentionally and sharing all things life while growing in relationships and developing with others in life application wisdom form God’s word. If interested or for more details, click here.


50+ in port st. john - michelle richard and salli dibartolo

Michelle Richard and Salli DiBartolo meet every other Monday at 7:00 PM in Port St. John. In this group, you’ll connect with other adults in the same seasons of life and grow together in faith through life application and spiritual development as well as serve younger families. If interested or for more details, click here.

HEart to Heart - Shelly Russell

Young moms, join us for a time of refreshing the first Wednesday of the month, from 9:30-12:00, as we enjoy food and conversation together then hear from a guest speaker on topics touching on marriage, parenting, using our gifts, sharing our faith and more.  Childcare provided but reservations required.  If interested or for more details, click here.


High School Boys - blake barnett

This group is led by Blake Barnett Monday nights at 6 PM. Blake is leading young men to pursue Jesus in developing their identity in God's word as well developing relationally in community. If interested or for more details, click here.

ladies in titusville - shannon chappell

Every other Tuesday from 6:30-8 PM, Shannon meets with ladies sharing their lives, growing together, developing relationally, and cultivating faith by going through the Bible. If interested or for more details, click here.

ladies in MIMS - korin callahan

Korin Callahan meets with ladies every other Friday morning at 9:30 AM.  In this open and honest, safe and transparent environment, ladies will go over the talking points from the weekend message, pray together, encourage one another, and grow together in relationship and in their faith.  Children are welcome.  If interested or for more details, click here.

Ladies/Teachers in titusville - CAthy daly

Every Monday at 6:30 PM, Cathy Daly meets with other ladies who are teachers. This community connects to walk through their experiences as teachers, but also as wives and moms who understand the “busy” of life as well as leading in academics supporting and encouraging one another through conversation, praying, and growing through life-application material and weekend talking points. If interested or for more details, click here.

MArried again in titusville - Michael and Holly carver

Michael and Holly Carver provide an open and honest atmosphere of working and walking through being married again. Meeting every Thursday at 6:30 PM, they walk through the married again context of life, evaluating relationship priorities and health, and creating and developing a healthy dynamic for the husband and wife. If interested or for more details, click here.

Men IN PORT ST. JOHN - barry russell

Every Tuesday morning at 6 AM at Port St Barry Russell meets at Port Java coffee shop going through a book of the Bible, chapter by chapter, and engaging in discussion. If interested or for more details, click here

Men in Titusville - Shaun daly

Meeting every Thursday night at 6:30 PM, this is an opportunity for guys to get together, talk about life-issues, and grow together in God's word and other purpose-driven material. If interested or for more details, click here.


Men in Titusville - robert bradford

Meeting every Thursday morning at 5:30 AM, men will be able to discover God's plan and pursue to become more like Him in whatever season of life they're in. If interested or for more details, click here.


Middle and High School Girls - gabby barnett and michelle mills

Gabby and Michelle meet Monday’s at 6:30 PM. This group is focused on becoming young women of God that includes looking at culture, making wise choices, identity, goals and boundaries, and self-worth through the lens of biblical community while having fun with art, crafts, games, and food! If interested or for more details, click here.

middle school boys - barry russell

Meeting every Wednesday at 8 AM, Barry will connect with, and invest in, middle school boys walking with them through the experiences they will encounter at this age, sharing scriptural wisdom and insight relevant and relatable to their age. If interested or for more details, click here.

Paint and Praise - errol and angela zimpleman

Meeting once a month, every third Thursday, Errol and Angela create an opportunity for people to join in community, painting and sharing life together, going through talking points of the messages from Sundays and other life-applicable content to grow relationally and spiritually. Paint supplies are covered except for canvases. If interested or for more details, click here.

Single dads in titusville - Paul ballington

Meeting every other week on Wednesday at 6:30 PM, Paul Ballington provides an opportunity for single dads to walk through all aspects of life that a single dad encounters. This group will pursue to intentionally develop healthy relationships through sharing experiences and applying biblical principles with the help of scripture and biblical resources. If interested or for more details, click here.

young adults in titusville - zeb and megan Rose

Zeb and Megan Rose meet every Tuesday at 6:30 PM with young adults in their 20’s who are looking to engage in community with others in the same season of life while growing together in God’s word. If interested or for more details, click here.

young adults in titusville - kathleen betancourt

Kathleen meets with ladies in their 20’s every other Wednesday at 7 PM. In this young adult group, ladies will share life experiences and growth together through going through relevant and relatable life application biblical material. If interested or for more details, click here.

College students - Michelle richard

Every Tuesday at 11 AM and every Wednesday at 3 PM, Michelle Richard leads students at Eastern Florida State College Titusville Campus in partnership with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship—a ministry involved in engaging diverse communities where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas. If interested or for more details, click here.


young moms in titusville - shannon hankes

Every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM, Shannon Hankes meets with young moms who connect together in the same season of life sharing challenges, experiences, while also looking to grow together through praying, conversations, and weekend talking points. If interested or for more details, click here.